Probabilistic Analysis of Strength of Structural Concrete for Post-Code Buildings in Developing Countries

  • Arslan Mushtaq National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad
  • Mubashar Mahmood Graduate Civil Engineer, NUST
  • Irshad Qureshi UET Taxila, Pakistan
  • Wajeeh Ahmed NUST, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Asif OGDCL, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Usman NUST, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Waleed Mushtaq NUST, Pakistan


Code compliance and quality construction remain a point of interest for developing countries. For structural vulnerability studies on reinforced concrete buildings, researchers usually adopt random strength parameters to represent the compressive strength of concrete for various structural members. This matter becomes a challenge if researchers are dealing to quantify the structural response of code-compliant buildings. Since the research on the response of code-compliant buildings is limited hence this paper aims at data collection and presenting the probabilistic trends in compressive strength variation of structural concrete being used or has been used in multiple projects of the federal capital city of Pakistan for code-compliant buildings. The data has been collected from well-reputed academic and commercial testing labs in the area for past 10 years (the timeline after implementation of BCP 2007). Compressive strength testing records of concrete cylinders for 28 days strength have been sorted for different structural members i.e., beams, columns, shear walls, slabs and footings separately. From the selected data, histograms have been plotted for each member category and mean values with standard deviations have been highlighted. Obtained results are further compared with anticipated design compressive strengths which were obtained from different tagged reports, design offices and resident engineers of the sites. The produced results would lead to true representation of structural strength of concrete for code-compliant buildings, to be further studied for structural vulnerability and risk assessments of the desired areas in developing countries.

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Mushtaq, A., Mahmood, M., Qureshi, I., Ahmed, W., Asif, M., Usman, M., & Mushtaq, M. (2023, July 16). Probabilistic Analysis of Strength of Structural Concrete for Post-Code Buildings in Developing Countries. Sustainable Structures and Materials, An International Journal, 6(3), 1-9. Retrieved from